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Bonado at a glance

Bartar Ati Industries Company (Bon Ado) has started its activity in the field of food industry in 2005 in an area of ​​two hectares and infrastructure of more than 6000 square meters. This complex has different halls for receiving poultry, aquatic, red meat. , Vegetables and their preparation, processing (ossification, slicing, removal of contamination and washing). The raw materials of Bon Ado products are received by observing all health conditions and criteria and after approval of the relevant systems, and in the best possible conditions by observing the world standards, which include: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, HACCP, HALAL. Take. Join us to explain more about us and the standards observed in Bartarati Industries Company for you dear ones.


ISO9001 standard

ISO9001 is one of the international standards for quality management systems (QMS), the purpose of ISO9001 is designed to produce quality stable products by the organization that implements and implements this standard. That is, if a grade 2 product is produced, this product should not be reduced to grade 3.


ISO22000 standard

The ISO 22000 standard refers to a set of guidelines and regulations that companies can follow to implement and implement a food safety management system in their organization. ISO 22000 is applicable to all organizations directly or indirectly involved in the food industry.

ISO14001 standard

It is one of the most popular international standards that has been set to protect the environment and prevent companies from polluting the environment. (Click here to get acquainted with ISO 14001 standard.)

HALLAL standard

Halal is a global standard, a measure of the quality of healthy food in the world, a factor for the development of exchanges of food products and industries between Islamic and non-Islamic countries. Observance of halal standards is especially necessary for the import of products to Islamic countries and the consumption of Muslim communities in non-Islamic countries, which is fully explained in the article related to this standard. For reading, you can refer to the HALLAL standard article.


HACCP standard

This standard includes a set of requirements related to the health management system and has many benefits for organizations working in the field of food, and you can refer to the HACCP standard article for more information on this standard.

Our annual production in Bon Ado reaches 15 thousand tons and more than 30 different products according to the tastes of consumers, which is increasing day by day.

Production of quality products and in the dignity of dear consumers is one of our policies in this organization and we have always tried our best to satisfy esteemed consumers by maintaining the health and quality of the product and reasonable prices in comparing the quality of products. (Click here to learn about the HACCP standard.)

Bon Addo food products are prepared using the IQF fast freezing method, which preserves the nutritional value and shelf life of the product. Bon Ado products are prepared by the method of slow cooking method, in which no oil is used for cooking and no preservatives are used to increase the shelf life, which is why they need a short time for heating. Note that these products are not called fast food.


  • Processing facilities and system:

Top Future Industries Company has tried to improve the methods of food production in our country by investing in production technology and by using the sciences and technologies of this industry, has provided considerable facilities for the growth of this industry and service to consumers. In this context, we explain the units in the production line of this company.

  • Automatic Chicken Cutting Line:

This production line is fully automatic and has the least direct interaction with human resources. In this line, whole chicken with a certain weight enters the piece making line. The washing stage uses ozone (O3) and high pressure nozzles to thoroughly wash and disinfect the chicken. Also, if there is feathers on the chicken, automatic inspection and separation is done. After these steps, chicken making is done continuously and automatically according to the production plan, which specifies the type of cutting and the number of pieces.

Chicken meat can be completely separated from the chicken skeleton using slicer, portioner, porter, and de-boner machines. Separated.

In addition to the high flexibility of this line, the capacity of this line should also be considered. This line can cut 6000 chickens in one hour and in one production shift, the line has the power to produce more than 60 tons of sliced chicken. Due to the health and quality of the product, the temperature of the production hall is always controlled and the direction of air flow is from positive to negative, and by using equipped filters, the hall air is clean and free from any possibility of crime and bacteria.

  • Further Processing Line:

The segmented products can be processed according to the adjusted formula. The processing department is equipped with various machines to supply this purpose. Fully automatic injection machine that can transfer the desired taste to the meat tissue. You can also use a Tumblr device that works under vacuum conditions to even out the defined taste.

The factory formulation unit combines different tastes and uses the best natural spices to create the right formula. These compounds are added to the product using equipment in the processing unit.

It also uses other equipment in this unit such as meat grinder below zero degrees (Grinder), Cutter, Mixer, De-boner, etc. to make raw materials. The capacity of each of these machines is adjusted according to the production of 3 tons of cooked product per hour.

According to the equipment available in this unit, marinade products that cover a wide range can be provided. For example, products such as saffron kebab chicken, grilled chicken wings and wings, chicken fillet or breast with various sauces. Marinade products can be packaged either cooked or raw.

  • Baking line (Tempering line):

Using extensive machines that use sophisticated technology, they have created the advantage for the production line of this unit that can provide products with a certain volume, accurate and quality weight, stable structure and texture. The equipment used in this unit is such as Portioner, Predust, Batter, Rotocrumb and Tempora. One of the important features of this equipment is that the products are accurate and uniform with fixed characteristics in weight, appearance, structure and texture.

Each of the mentioned devices has its own technical characteristics, which have been transferred to the production personnel with continuous training of production technique and skills. The products produced in this unit are baked by steam in the Conventional Oven.

After cooking the products with steam, the rapid freezing stage is performed by IQF technology. This technology allows the taste, texture and structure of the product to remain natural and stable without the use of any preservatives.

  • Packaging line:

The packaging unit is equipped with the latest packaging machines with the latest technology in the world. In this unit, you can pack all kinds of packages such as terry, standing envelope, gauze, pilo or also carton in any weights.

In addition to the above benefits, the MAP system can be used to inject neutral gases to prevent spoilage of non-frozen products. The MAP system creates a natural way for products to last without the use of any additives. In this method, the oxygen in the packaging medium is replaced with neutral gases O3 and N3.

It is worth mentioning that all the production processes of this organization are carried out according to the standards and hygienic protocols of the world, and with continuous inspections, the QC & QA team identifies and resolves all possible crisis points. In this regard, the personnel of each unit have been fully trained in the basics of health and quality and the organization is committed to accurate control of the basics of health and quality. In the supply chain, from raw materials to distribution to the final customer, all points have been closely monitored by the health quality systems of this organization.

  1. Product Features

Due to the large investment made in the field of production technology, quality control, quality assurance and frozen distribution chain in this organization, and considering the experience and skills learned in this industry, the following characteristics can be expressed for the products of this organization.

  • Products produced from each group of raw materials such as chicken, red meat, vegetables and fish include specific quantitative and qualitatively defined characteristics that are observed uniformly and consistently in each product.
  • Products from the mentioned raw materials can be provided in the following ways and in various packages with the desired weights:
    • Raw (frozen / non-frozen)
    • Raw marinade (frozen / non-frozen)
    • Cooked marinade (frozen / non-frozen)
    • Half frozen cooking
    • All frozen cooking


  • The variety of products produced is high and flexibility in the production of new products is possible according to customer requests.
  • No additives or preservatives are used in the products of this company.
  • In the preparation of raw materials for products, reputable suppliers are used who have all the documents of international standards, health, safety and quality.
  • In the composition of raw materials to form suitable formulas for products, natural spices with a high quality level are used.
  • All products are steamed and the oil is used only to preserve the breadcrumbs for the bread products.
  • The nutritional values of the products are in accordance with the national standard of the Islamic Republic.
  • The organization has the ability to provide products according to special diets for special cases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and overweight.
  • The organization has the ability to produce special products for children with their appropriate characteristics.
  • Appropriate packaging is provided to maintain the shelf life of the products without the use of any chemicals or preservatives.


Ability to produce customized products for major customers

Some of the products are fully cooked

Types of nuggets (chicken, fish and shrimp)


Types of chicken, fish schnitzel

(Boneless, with bone, forming)

Types of cocoa (vegetables, potatoes)

Types of fried fillets (chicken, fish)

fried shrimp

Fried chicken (legs, chest, hips, thighs)

Types of cutlets (meat, chicken, meat and vegetables)

Tandoori Wings and Arms (Buffalo Wings)

Types of fried burgers (chicken, fish, meat)

Types of lasagna (chicken, meat, vegetables)


Types of spring rolls (chicken, meat, vegetables)



Bartarati Industries Company hopes that with the support of dear suppliers and consumers, it will find its place in the market share of the company as soon as possible and will be an incentive to offer better and more products in the hope that one day Bon Ado will be able to cross the borders. The country crossed and avoided the name of Iran and the flag of Iran as a model producer. According to the mentioned capabilities, Ati Bartar Industries Company always makes its efforts to meet these requirements and needs of the consumer, taking into account the requirements and needs of the consumer. Your presence, dear masters, will be invited to visit the factory of the future top industries and it will be a pleasure for this collection.