Bonado dealerships

Bartar Ati Industries Company is active in the field of food industry (producer of ready-made and frozen food products), which includes Bon Ado agencies in Iran.

List of Bon Ado dealers

Alborz Province

Varian Shahr, Amirkabir Boulevard, facing Janbo, next to the pharmacy

Gilan Province

Rasht, 10 km of Rasht-Tehran road, next to the northern carton factory

Mazandaran Province

Babol, Shahid Bazar Square, Kiah Kolah Square, Alley 3, Kiah Kolah Road, Mansour Kandeh Industrial Town

Semnan Province

Standard square, military road, facing 60 ton weighbridge, cold storage possible

Shiraz Province

Large industrial town, 5th block of North Pejesh Boulevard, 310th Street, Unit 2, left

Khorasan Province

Mashhad, Azadi 131, third alley, right, third door, left

Boushehr Province

Borazjan, Borazjan-Bushehr road, five hundred meters above Bahman Leasing, in front of Khosh Makan village