HALLAL standard

استاندارد HALLAL

Considering that Islam is the religion of choice of a large number of people all over the world, giving importance to food is also very important in this religion, so that in religious and Islamic teachings, Muslims are asked to choose foods and drinks in their diet. In the process of their production or slaughter of animals, all the principles related to the religion of Islam have been observed and the product should be halal food. The HALLAL standard is a global standard, a measure of the quality of healthy food in the world, a factor for the development of exchanges of food products and industries between Islamic and non-Islamic countries. Observance of halal standards is especially necessary for the import of products to Islamic countries and the consumption of Muslim communities in non-Islamic countries, so in this way, it is the duty of Islamic governments to develop the necessary standards to facilitate the development of this type of trade, which requires , The development of specific instructions, regulations and instructions will be transparent.

استاندارد حلال

Due to the fact that Muslims are scattered in all countries of the world, therefore, halal food standards should be designed in a standard way in all fields, and then the centers should be constantly monitored so that all foods are marked with a specific sign. Reassure Muslims worldwide that the food offered is halal and its use is unrestricted. ICRIC Islamic Chamber Information Center under the supervision of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation conducted extensive studies and researches in order to summarize their research, experiences and studies, to set up a monitoring system on food products to examine all products in terms of halal and in Finally, declare their support by inserting a halal mark on that product. All Islamic countries started their activities under the supervision of the Islamic Chamber and in accordance with the rules of this chamber. The HALLAL standard certificate is not the same as the ISO certificates, and in fact it is a certificate only to confirm that the product is halal in Islamic countries. However, products with the halal mark have also found a lot of popularity among non-Muslims. Bon Ado products are prepared using the latest technology in the world and observing the Halal standard and HACCP standard, ISO 14001 standard, ISO 9001 standard, ISO22000 standard, and our goal is to provide the highest quality products to our dear customers.