ISO 22000 standard

The ISO 22000 standard refers to a set of guidelines and regulations that companies can follow to implement and implement a food safety management system in their organization. It is necessary to know that a lot of time has been spent to write the international standard ISO 22000, so this standard covers all the steps related to the food industry from the farm to the dining table and includes all previous versions and previous standards related to the food industry. . Therefore, it can be said that the most complete and comprehensive ISO standard that is recommended to companies related to the food industry to apply it, is the ISO 22000 standard (food safety management standard). One of the reasons for the success of the ISO 22000 standard is its ability to control and manage all processes and stages of the production chain, processing and supply of food from the final product.


Application of ISO 22000 standard

ISO 22000 is applicable to all organizations operating in any field of the food chain and wishing to implement systems that continuously produce safe and sustainable products, regardless of size. ISO 22000 applies to all organizations directly or indirectly involved in the food industry. In other words, all those involved in the food production chain, such as raw material producers, feed and aquaculture producers, breeders. Poultry and aquaculture and food transport companies, food storage warehouses, additive manufacturers, food packaging manufacturers, food related chemical manufacturers, food factory surface cleaning centers and Food service companies are also covered by this global standard.


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