آیا فلافل چاق کننده است؟

Is falafel fattening?

Is falafel fattening? This is a question that has occupied the minds of those who care about their health and fitness. Stay tuned for more on this. Falafel is one of the delicious Lebanese dishes whose name is derived from the plural of the word pepper because it is the main seasoning of pepper and because of its spicy taste, the Arabs and the people of the south of our country are its main fans. Falafel is one of the […]

Benefits of Shrimp Nuggets

Nowadays, food diversity has increased compared to the past and ready-made food products have played a very important role in this issue. Maybe when you go to the shops, you will come across various food products such as ready-made chicken nuggets, hamburgers, schnitzel, shrimp nuggets, etc. In this article, we want to talk to you dear ones about the benefits of shrimp nuggets to dispel the misconception that many people have about ready-to-eat foods. What is Shrimp Nugget? Shrimp is […]

How to fry prepared chicken nuggets?

When you enter supermarkets or stores, a variety of food products in the refrigerator will catch your eye, one of which is ready-made chicken nuggets that can be seen in different weights and brands. But this is the question that comes to people for the first time. How to fry prepared chicken nuggets? Join us to fully explain about this product and how to cook it. Chicken nuggets ready With changing lifestyles and advances in technology, ready-to-eat foods have become […]