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Today, ready meal food products meet the needs of many people around the world, and we at Bartarati Industries Company, which has been operating under the brand name "Bon Ado" for nearly two decades, meet various standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, HACCP, HALAL and also using the latest technologies in the world such as MAP for packaging and IQF fast freezing method, we try to provide ready-made food products with the highest possible quality to you dear ones. Food products produced by Bon Ado company are produced according to the needs of children and special diets related to people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc., and you can use them without any worries.



Products made in Bon Ado using red meat include: hamburgers, samosas and سه which have many fans and are offered to the market with the best possible quality to the satisfaction Take dear customers with you.


Among the most popular bon ados are poultry products such as chicken nuggets, popcorn, as well as small nuggets intended for children, which have a high variety and quality.


To introduce the products prepared from the meat of Bon Ado fish, we can mention fried fish fillets, fried shrimps, fried shrimp nuggets, which are of high quality and you can easily prepare and taste them without the need for re-cooking.


Vegetable cocoa and potato cocoa are among the delicious Iranian dishes that we have provided to our dear customers in Bon Ado, using the latest technologies in the world, fully cooked. So that you, dear ones, can prepare your food in the shortest time.

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How to make a hamburger with cheddar cheese

One of the most delicious and unique burgers is the hamburger with cheddar cheese, which we suggest you try. Note that the large fried onion rings with cheddar cheese give this burger a special flavor and aroma.

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27th International Food Industry Exhibition

Iran Agrofood International Exhibition, Agricultural Industries, Food, Machinery and Related Industries Tehran 99 The 27th period will be held on 13-16 October 1999. Commodity group:  


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