Weakness of machinery and segmentation technology Also, the General Director of Veterinary Medicine of Isfahan Province said in this regard: There is no doubt about the quality of packaged and packaged Iranian products with foreign products and the quality of packaged products in Iran is completely similar to foreign samples. Shahram Movahed added: Only May It can be said that in other countries the level of technology used and up-to-date machines is different, which unfortunately Iran is weak in the field of cutting and packaging machines. He continued: “The world has moved towards identifiable and segmented products, and people care about product quality and demand quality assurance.” Director General of Veterinary Medicine of Isfahan Province stated: Animal and protein products packaged in Iran have the necessary standards to enter global markets. Therefore, in addition to domestic conditions, manufacturers must also consider the conditions of foreign markets. If the necessary conditions are met for the supply of an export product, export will not be a difficult task. Because the field of trust is provided and this field is, first of all, global quality and can be offered. According to him, our companies currently export to the cities of Basra, Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf, Kut and Diwaniyah in Iraq, and even Al-Kafil Company, which provides food for the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS), a large part of chicken. It supplies from an Isfahani company, and the Al-Hananeh and Nasim Karbala brands are well-known in Iraq. Even the officials of Al-Kafil Company, which is the largest buyer of chicken in the world and also buys from Turkey and Brazil, acknowledged that Isfahan brands may not be as big as Turkish and Brazilian companies, but they are superior to them in terms of hygiene. Movahed stated: Isfahan White Meat Union has direct, close and many cooperations with the province’s veterinary network. Food and environmental health experts are a kind of partner in the union, and like us, they are particularly sensitive to the health of products and the health of the people.
Source: World Economy