Terms of return of goods

Terms of return of goods in Bonado online store

Join us to learn more about the return conditions of the goods in the company of Berat Ati (Bon Ado). If you have canceled your purchase after registering your order or there is a need to change the order before sending the goods, please inform your support to the Bon Ado support unit by calling 02188343164. If you are dissatisfied with the goods you received at the time of delivery, you can report your return request to Bon Ado Support. After the final approval by the experts of Bon Ado according to the return regulations, if the conditions are met, the mentioned goods will be returned.

In order to return the items of an order, the following points should be considered:

  • Items related to the health of the goods, non-compliance of the received goods with the ordered items, incomplete order, expiration date or damaged packaging of the ordered items should be checked upon receipt of the goods and then the delivery code delivered to the sender Be. Notify Bono Ado Support if there are any issues or problems.
  • The packaging of the goods must be completely safe and marketable upon return.
  • The original purchase invoice to return an order must be available to the customer and can be delivered to the representative of Bon Ado.
  • For each order, it is possible to register a return only once, and after the return registration, there is no possibility of returning other order items.

Steps to return the goods

  • Register a return request by contacting the Bon Ado support unit at 02188343164
  • Examine the request by Bon Ado experts to meet the initial return requirements
  • Customer contact and return coordination
  • Delivery of returned products from the customer by Bon Ado representatives and return to the store
  • Review and comment by Bon Ado experts according to the condition of the returned product
  • If the return is confirmed, the money will be credited to the customer’s account.